Wild1 wo575 install/throttle by wire

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Aces Full, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Hi All. Great forum. I searched and searched, and found a couple of very helpful posts w/pictures, on how to do a handlebar changeout, using the WO575...only thing is, these posts didn't show the Throttle By Wire unit, with the dreaded green connector. I wanted to print out the tutorials so that my buddy and me could tackle this job.

    Anyone know of a thread which shows pictures of the project, including the TBW deal.

  2. B-1B_Guy

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    I installed the HD pullback bars on my '09 Ultra, ran the wires internally and it was a big job but the throttle by wire was not a problem. The stock TBW harness is about 8" long from the grip end to the green connector. I just taped the green end up and pulled it through the bars using safetywire & cornstarch to help it slide through. You can use dishsoap as well but I didn't want to introduce liquids inside my bars. Now, if you decide to run all wires internally, you are are in for quite a task as you have to cut/splice all of your switch housing wires (under the outer fairing), run the harness's through the bars and then resplice/heatshrink them. The entire job took me about 15 hours of labor but I used all stock wiring/cables and saved a ton of $$ by doing it myself.
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    its not hard to do as said pulling the wires though are hardest to do ..