Wild Hair

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    My husband and I got a wild hair this past Sunday and decided to make our second (and a quick) road trip. We fed the critters a little early and then headed out at 6:30pm. It was a perfect time to ride! The shadows made it pleasant and we rode to Grenada, Ms. for the night. Stayed in the Super 8 and it was very nice and clean. Early up the next morning, we went to Southaven, Ms. to the new Southern Thunder H-D dealership. It was awesome and everyone was so friendly. From there, we went to the little Graceland H-D store and got more T-shirts, ate at the Rock and Roll Cafe (pretty good), and then headed home. We went south to 304 and took it over to Tunica. Then down 61 to Leland, across to Indianola, and then 49 south to Yazoo City, and 16 to 433 home. It was a FANTASTIC trip, mostly because we were perched on our Harleys. The spontaneous factor had a great deal to do with it too. No one at my work place can understand why I love a trip like this. They all stay in cages when they travel, so why would they? I am approaching my first full year of riding my own bike and it has just really made me feel like I am truly living. I am looking so forward to the next venture, even if the trips are small. Life is so much more fun on a Harley!:newsmile01:
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    Sounds like you had an awesome time, Flipper! My wife has been riding herself for 3 years now, and refuses to be a passenger.

    Keep on riding!
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    best trips i ever had, didn't know where I was going or why. Just went.
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    Same with my Wife! She said she got tired of looking at the back of my helmet.
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    If 1/3 of cager would ride, shure would lead to an open road....
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    Its not the distance you are going its the fact that you are going on a trip just for the fun of it
    my wife has been riding for over 4 years now and it feels strange now when im out riding alone

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    the wife and i decided to do the same thing the weekend of 5/22. left at 1:00 pm with a change of clothes: destination unknown. 1st stop was at some friends house for a quick haircut. along with them we decided to go to another friends home just outside of New Hebron Ms. nice ride on the Ms. roads. was the longest ride for the wife and she loved the county roads with the up and down and curves
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    OK. I'll bite.:newsmile030:

    Explain the term "Wild Hair".

    heh, I feel a little silly like I should know it. I definitely get the feeling but am unsure of the term and it's origin and literal meaning.:small3d007:
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    Sounds good Flipper, its all about the ride:D
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    Those that don't ride bikes will never understand the enjoyment, fun and good times that we have. Most that have never done it, never will!