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Wilbers shocks for H-D


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Hello Harley Davidson enthusiasts,

I herewith would like to give you some information about our company and products. The Wilbers company is a German producer of high quality shock absorbers, springs and suspension elements for more than 20 years now. We are quite popular in Germany and are amon the best in question of price-quality ratio!

We build all our shock absorbers custom made to especially meet your personal requirements such as riding style, weight etc. One of our speciality is lowering or raising a vehicles seating height by modifying the length of our shock absorbers. We actually have experiences with a lot of Harley Davidson and Buell motorcycles although unfortunately those brands are not the most popular here in Germany. The price for a set of twin shock absorbers, custom made of our Wilbers-Racing-Suspension line start at US $ 849 for the set. Of course, we also offer shock absorbers with special features such as adjustable comression setting and also ad-on parts such as the hydraulic preload adjuster tool which enables you to adopt your motorcycles preload easily at any time using a hand wheel!

We also offer twin shocks for the Harley in our well priced Eco-line. Here the price for a set of custom made shocks starts at US $ 549!
Although all our shocks are custom made, our delivery time to the USA should not exceed 14 days and the delivery to your doorstep only costs US $ 25!

If you would like to now more, just contact me by email ( and I will make you a special offer without any obligations!

Thank you for your attention, take care and always ride safe!

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Useful review Dirk@Wilbers,nice to see internal staff become HDTimeline member and give useful information,in another way you have chance to promote your product :D

I agree! I have learned more on this forum than any HD mechanic seems to know. I truely believe that they are relying on "what the computer shows", and are not using common sense or what their eyes/hands/senses can teach them. My battery/charging system experience with my dealers mechanics for example . For me to be able to find the problem in 10 seconds, (see the corrosion on the fuse block/under-on relays), after 2 weeks of arguing with the service manager concerns me. I hope and pray that forums like this one educate the riding public and maybe even shop mechanics.:)
Thank you for your warm welcome and the nice replies! I'll do my best to help you if there are any questions you might have about HD suspension!!! If I do not know the answer, well we've got a group of fine mechanics and techicians that might!

Thanx again