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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by at5goat, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. at5goat

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    I have an 883 converted to a 1200, 14K on the odometer, fluids changed with OEM about 2 months ago.
    I recently have been hearing a "rubbing" sound at low speeds and even when just pushing it. I drive 12mi. to and from work, mostly highway, and it seems to occur only after the engine is warm. The noise is rythmic and similar to wet rubber rubbing on something, almost the squeak of an old spring bed during "adult" activities. I thought that it was the front tire rubbing on the fender but, the tire is revolving faster than the rythm and there are no worn/clean marks on the tire.
    In neutral, going down a hill, I think that the noise is coming from the clutch side of the bike near where the factory pegs would be but I'm not certain. As to the loudness, I cant hear it over the wind at 30mph with the engine off.
    May be something, maybe not, but I lost about 1-2oz of replacement transmission fluid when refilling it. Is that little of fluid loss creating an issue?
    Any ideas of what I should be checking and more importantly, is this going to leave me stranded or vaulting off of the thing?
  2. mat 60

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    Boy....This is a tuff one and its been a while sense adult activities but the experts should chime on soon..
  3. gasbag

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    Front brake pad rubbing on rotor?
    Only reason I say that is because you said it does it even when being pushed.
    Another reason is other than that I got nuthin'....................:(
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, Have you checked the clutch and Primary chain Adjustments?
  5. fin_676

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    From the description of the sound i would guess that the noise is from the drive belt
    It may be that the drive belt is out of line or too tight
    As the belt has more than twice the teeth of the wheel pulley then the noise would be at about half wheel speed
    Due to heat expansion of the front and rear belt pulleys the belt will get tighter as the bike is used
    So may be worth checking the belt tension when the bike is hot

  6. Jeff Klarich

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    Good 1, you must be married!:lolrolling
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    Quote Mat.......Yes I am...How can you tell....:small3d031:
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    :lolrolling we used to have this one guy worked on our construction crew, when we went by to pick him up in the morning we used to hear those type of activity noises. It earned him the nickname "Squeak".

    These last two are where I'd be checking. I kinda feel more like it's the belt. I have had wheel bearings make that sound on a cage (about a week before they exploded and my wheel came off the hub). But since it's in the clutch area I kinda think it's the belt. As said though check your primary fluids and adjustments also.
  9. garystrat

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    if it sounds like little woopie cushion on the soles of your shoes it may be your clutch basket out of alignment, first I'd check the creds of your tech, then with a straight edge, should line up with the sprocket pulley...as a "former"write up man, I told many customers who complained about a noise "it sounds like the nut behind the handlebars" but that's probably why I am a "former" write up man...:D
  10. BUBBIE

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    BELT,,,, Like fin_676 said, alignment or TOO Tight. These bikes have a wider belt then the TC''s and a little stiffer IF stock there.

    The belt can be easily checked... Pushing up at the middle of it where the belt guard has the V. slot. IF it is tight there when cold it is too tight.

    I come form the old school and that belt needs to move easily up about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch WHEN COLD to suite me...
    (nobody on the bike, light pressure but NOT ten lbs.)

    Hot ran and totally HOT,the belt should be Taunt with slight movement 1/4 inch up.

    I don't like the way HD does their adjustments on the bikes... ALWAYS TOO TIGHT is their result... = NOISE