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Wide White Wall Search


I'd like to put wide white walls on my '04 Heritage. Would appreciate hearing from any of you who have the wide white walls. Which brand , handling , milage , sources ,etc. Also, if I go with a brand other than what the dealer offers, have there been any problems getting them installed ? ( I will do many things myself but not tires )
I have the wide whites on my RK made by dunlop (402's). Many say that they find Metzler a better tire but the compound is a bit softer which is said to give better handling and the mileage suffers because of this.
I have no problems with the dunlops.

Here's a link that is supposed to have good tire prices, however check with your dealer first if he will mount a tire that they don't sell you. It will vary from dealer to dealer.

Also check into the dunlop K591. It's supposed to have a deeper thread for a touring tire and should give you better tire mileage.

- American Motorcycle Tire
Thanks for the link. I'd planned to check with the local dealer. If worse comes to worse, I may check with some of the metric shops . Thanks again.
Dont know where you live, but there is a chain out there called "Cycle Gear", mostly sell metric bike stuff, but they do sell HD Dunlops for about 1/3-1/2 the price of your local dealer. And if you can get the wheel off of the bike to take in, they will mount for around $30.00 US.
I did this last fall for my fron tire, the local dealer wanted right at $300.00 ($165.00 for the tire) for the tire and mounting. Got out the door at Cycle Gear for $129.00 ($99.00) for the tire, no issues. Saved the difference for some other stuff.