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Wide Tire Replacement



I read that many of you are going to the 200mm replacement tires, most often the Metzler.

What is the exact tire size and Meztler model that seems to be best suited to the V-Rod?

Is there no better 200 tire than the Metzler?

Can the stock V-Rod HD hard saddlebags be used with the 200 tire installed?

Is there any real benefit in going from the 180 to the 200 size tire, other than the obvious, it looks bigger?

I use the Metzler. It is a heck of a lot better for traction if you're into speed. Before I would smoke the Dunlop. But the Metzler bites in hard. I put on both the front and rear.

Metzlers are the best. Just got a set for the V Rod, but this is my 4th set including 2 other bikes. Handling in rain is great, traction is much better than Dunlops and life out of them is incredible. My old 2000 Big Dog Pro Sport has 15000 on the front and rear and they still look good. Road speed is typically about 80 or so, so it doesn't just loaf at the speed limit. I'd have a hard time switching brands of tires.
I thought it was agreed I didn’t need to break out the ruler!

What kind of change in handling do you notice with the bigger tire?
I have no problem and can tell no difference in handling. First off, I do not do twisting roads. Next, is the fact that the Dunlop would never grip the way the metzler does.