Wide Glide Speedo Glare

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by TexSA, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. TexSA

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    Is there an aftermarket cowl/billet cowl that one can fit over the Wide Glide Speedo?

    My riding buddy has a 2010 model and it is a superb machine, much easier to ride than my couch, but you simply cannot see the warning lights i.e. 6th gear or low on fuel when riding on a sunny day, of which we have MANY in South Africa.

    I also find it irritating having to look down at the idiot light bar for indicators, neutral engaged etc, especially whilst in traffic and on the move.
  2. jmpancoast

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    An off-the-wall idea, but ..........

    I have seen guys buying the new WG consoles for use on Street Bobs. If this is correct, he could put a factory Low Rider or add-on 4" tach on his dash in place of the speedo. Then move the speedo and indicator lights to the bar/clamp with a Super Glide or Sportster type mount. I am not familiar with the bar or clamp set-up on the newer WGs, so adapters may be needed to make the speedo mount work.
  3. formike56

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    I installed a 2" tank lift on mine.... Fixed... No mo glare...:D