Wide Glide rear pad replacement

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Spade5, Nov 24, 2008.

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    I did look in the self help section and didn't run across replacing the rear brake pads. I was cleaning up the rear wheel and started looking at the brake caliper and how it is mounted.

    I am not looking for a step by step with photos but am curious how you change these rear pads. It doesn't appear that the caliper can be easily removed like the front. I am not familiar with other HD models but it appears the rear bracket and caliper are one piece and the rear axle goes through it.
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    Here is the nutshell version. Jack the bike up. Loosen the drive belt by screwing in the axle. Take out the axle. You may be able to get the caliper off of the rotor without removing the wheel from the bike, but I usually just drop it to get it out of the way. Using a couple of large straight-blade screw drivers inserted between the existing pads from opposite sides, pry the pads apart to completely collapse the pistons. Replace the pads. Reinstall everything making sure to align the rear wheel. Then pump the brake pedal until it is good and hard. Let the bike down off the lift and try to move the bike with the rear brake applied. If it WILL NOT roll, fire it up and take it for a test run applying the rear brake at low speed to make sure it is working.

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    Get the repair manual.Shows how to change w/o removing axle.Min. ware thickness is .040.Did mine this way and every thing is fine.