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Wide Glide Bar Recall


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Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. has decided that a condition affecting safety exists on certain 2006 FXDWGI and 2007 FXDWG motorcycles built between June 17, 2005 and December 4, 2006. These vehicles have internally wired handlebars, part number 59782-06/A, that have a potential to crack at the hole where the wires exit the handlebars between the handlebar clamps. Should these cracks progress to the point of breaking the handlebar into two pieces, a loss of control could result, which could cause an accident leading to injury or death to the rider.
We have voluntarily declared this a defect related to motor vehicle safety (Campaign 0127) to allow us to formally recall all affected motorcycles. The remedy is to replace the original handlebar 59782-06/A, with handlebar 59782-06B. This replacement handlebar has a greater wall thickness and the wire-exit hole has a shape that reduces stress concentration. Please reference the Service Bulletin for a detailed description of the defect.
In the interest of the safety of our mutual customers and as required by law, you may sell but NOT DELIVER any affected motorcycles to your customers until the remedy is completed. A service bulletin outlining the repair and credit procedure will follow within two weeks. Please refer to on the Service Page, Safety Campaign and Product Campaign link, Safety Campaign and Open VIN lists link for an updated list of affected VINs for this recall. Select the appropriate campaign number link (0127) to view any outstanding vehicles involved. This bulletin will also contain credit procedures required to replace handlebar number 59782-06/A with handlebar 59782-06B on the models listed above. In accordance with Federal regulations administered by NHTSA, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. will provide notice to all owners of record of affected products with direction to bring the vehicle in for the recall service.