why is it were treated like kings when we buy the bike

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by freebyrd, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. freebyrd

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    and like dirt thereafter,
    fresno harley davidson is the worst dealership in the world to deal with there rude they act like there the only game in town, theyv'e charged to fix an electrical problem even though the bike is barely a year old and i have not only the waarranty but the extended warranty, both worthless scraps of paper as far as i am concerned

    i called the moco on the 131,00 charge for the electrical problem and haven't received so much as a call back the final straw with these fool was last wwek the clearly had two signs the read clearance iten marked 50 percent off take an additional 50 percent off price marked on sale items, there was no different sort of labeling on any of this stuff so i assumed it was all on clearence

    the parts kid said no thats just to alert the customer that we do have some sale items there clearence section was a good thirty feet away around the corner and set up by the used bikes,

    i called the parts manager today to complain about their misleading sighing and he apologized to me FOR MY READING THE SIGN WRONG!!!!!!!!

    Utter bullcrap and fresno harley just lost all my after market business
  2. glider

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    :bigsmiley20: Just the majority!

    Once they get your $$$....get in line and wait.
  3. Carroll B

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    I live 20 miles from two dealers. One sold me parts I didn't need because I had just bought the bike and didn't know any different. It was only a $8 part but they also sold me 3 quarts of primary oil when the bike holds one quart. The same dealer quoted a friend $1200 to change handle bars on his road king. The second dealer did the handle bar change for less then $400 including all the parts. Guess which dealer gets my business?
  4. irpete

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    When doing research for my new bike purchase I faxed a quote request with model and accessory part #s to all 8 dealers within an hours drive of me and the quotes varied by as much as $4,000.
  5. R. Lewis

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    What was the elec. prob and what explaination did they give for charging?? Was the owner available for comment???
  6. cuznjed

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    I'm with you Glider, its amazing how fast they can change face.
  7. twicecam

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    spark plugs oil filter primery oil that is all I buy from the dealer:smell
  8. StuckInTime

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    Bought my bike at McDaniel's Harley-Davidson in South Bend IN and have gotten to know most of the people that work at the dealership. They are always nice whether I'm there looking around, spending money buying parts, or having service work done.
  9. freebyrd

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    the turn signals brake lights and horn all stopped working at the same time, they said and i quote "have you gotten the bike wet?":bigsmiley30:

    i was just flabbergasted i said of course i'm an all weather rider i thought i bought an all weather machine?
    so they asked if i ever used a pressure washer on it? i said no what are you getting at they said the fuse box was highly corroded and the sprayed it down with contact cleaner and dialectic grease, also said it might not have been sealed properly from the factory, and handed me a 131 dollar bill,

    what do you think were they in the right or was i?
  10. Block Head 96

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    So, it took them just over 2 hrs. to clean the electrical box and add dielectric grease??? HMMMMMM.

    Can't really disagree to to much being said here, they will gladly take your $$!

    The Redding HD here in town don't have the greatest rep either, so most in this town drive 50 min south to the Chico stealer..