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Why is it so difficult?


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Why is it so difficult to deal with a salesman? Every time I have to deal with a salesman I get so frustrated. I hate buying stuff! Car and motorcycle salesmen are the worse!

I decided to get an extended warranty on my 2006 Ultra this month since the factory warranty expires at the end of the month. So I start calling the HD dealerships in my area to see what kind of deal they would be willing to do. First dealership says he will cut the price by $100. The second dealership says they only will sell at MSRP. I then confirm that he doesn't want to deal. He says they only sell at MSRP. OK, so I call the third dealership.

This is when it gets ugly! I ask him if he is willing to cut his price on the extended warranty. I told him I was calling around to find the best price. He asks me what others are offering! I say I don't want to say what others are offering, after all I would be showing my hand. He says to help me he needs to know what the amount others are willing to sell the warranty for. I say I just want to know what he is willing to sell it for. He says to help me get the best deal, he needs to know what best offer I've gotten. I told him all I want to know what his bottom line is. Now, HE starts to get mad at ME! His voice has raised and he is actually starting to yell at me. I can't believe it! I tell him that it is simply, he either sells me the warranty at a discount or he doesn't and if he doesn't I will simply buy it from the other dealer. Now he starts telling me how hard HE works for HIS money. I then say I also work hard for MY money and I don't want to pay more than I have to. He continues to ask me what others are willing to sell the warranty for and I simply keep telling him to give me his best price or I will simply buy it from the other dealer. I'm getting really tired of this by this point and I am about to hang up, but then he finally says I will need to talk to his boss in a couple days when he will be in. I say fine. He gives me the name of the guy and we hang up. After I hang up I think, man was that hell! How dare him think that I was some naive kid and that I would tell him what he wanted to know. Typical salesman tactics, they want you to think they are doing you a favor and are "helping you". How stupid does he thing we are? Give him my price from the other dealerships? No way!

So about an hour goes by and he calls me back. He says he is sorry about the way he talked to me and he got to talk to his boss. His boss said he wanted to keep me as a customer and he was willing to cut the price by $150. I say OK and it was over. But man, what I had to go through to get there. I hope his boss gave him a good reeming! I only stayed with the deal because I like the dealership and and service department and want to work with them. This salesman nearly lost them a customer.
Know exactly what you're saying. I've been frustrated with a couple of dealerships near me lately. It's a drag when you have a problem that should not be a problem with some desperate ill-trained nitwit who ruins your business with a particular dealer. I know it's generalizing, but I'm finding out that Harley doesn't seem to hire the brightest light bulbs. I think they should be a little more discerning with those that represent them.
An educated consumer is a salesman's worst nightmare. Have the best price printed out in your pocket and if they don't want to talk price, don't waste your time. EVERYTHING is negotiable if you find the dealer that is low on sales for that month. After negotiating your best price on anything then is the time for the extras that you want to sweeten up the deal to be thrown in.

I have a new car dealer that sells me a new car every two years and all I do is research their invoice price and offer them $1000 over that which is usually about $3000-$4000 under the sticker price. My trade in I check the trade in value on the car and usually add about $800 over that because my trade in is a low mile car that usually ends up in their show room if they last more than a day there. My last trade in sold the following day.

All I do when I am ready is to make a call to my usual salesman and tell him the numbers. His reply to me is when do you want it. I drive in hand him the check , he switches the plates and away I go in a car for $1000 over their invoice. I have tried this at the local dealer and they don't move at all on the price so they loose the deal. I have bought the last 7 cars (Acuras) at this dealer doing this so I know it can be done.

You just have to find the right dealer is all I'm saying. Never tip your hand till the end and know the prices of what you are buying. Remember, no sale means no profit to the salesperson. They like to play hard ball but you have the bigger bat.