Why Do You Ride

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Jack Klarich, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Would like to hear why members here ride, For main transportation, Just for fun or what ever. I ride for main transportation, I do not own a car, It also provides relief for my back problems:D
  2. Gas Gauge

    Gas Gauge Junior Member

    I ride to work everyday, except if there is over a 40% chance of rain, it just takes too long to clean it properly afterwards. It was a record hot dry summer on the Texas Gulf Coast, but me and baby hung in there together.

    But saying I ride everyday as transportation leaves out the fact that I do so because I love to ride. I love the feeling of being free and independant. When I do have to take the cage, it feels like just that.
  3. Quckthrotl

    Quckthrotl Member

    Love the freedom of the open road. would ride to work everyday if i didnt need the truk for work
  4. howo

    howo Member

    Why do i ride...... like asking why do i breath.
    Ride daily to work and weekends for more fun. and bought the Harley so i can go further for longer in more comfort. Bin rideing for 38 ys almost without missing a day. Feel more at home on a bike then anywhere else. Maybe a sad statement, i dunno< but its true...... just so much a part of me, i almost wouldent be me without it
    learnt the car driving bit at 35 as had kids comeing but still hate driveing the car, just feels damgerous to me.
  5. fin_676

    fin_676 Experienced Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    From 1975 to 1983 a motorcycle was my only form of transport and i was not to happy in the winter
    so since 1983 motorcycle is my hobby and a fairly all consuming hobby it is

  6. HDDon

    HDDon Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    Riding got in my blood early (12 yrs old). Now I can't see me not riding. It's not a way of life, it's more than that!!
  7. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    I have 2 vehicles besides my bike. I ride my bike because it is one thing that I can do that I really enjoy doing anytime, day or night. Hot or cold. I won't leave in the rain but if I get caught in it , it's just part of the whole experience. My wife loves to ride and just the open air feel and smells. No way can the be duplicated in a cage. Why do I ride? Because I love it.
  8. Dynajoe

    Dynajoe Member

    I ride because I can't help myself not to. Being 30 years between rides is probably why. I wanted to ride for fun and relaxation, however, I use the bike for everything. The van has sat idle for so long that I did not re-insure it, since last July!! I think most of us are still products of an Equine (horse) culture, and the ride satisfies our basic insincts. I think?
  9. SeaRider04

    SeaRider04 Active Member

    Why do you ride?..

    I ride not because of it's a form of transportation, I ride not because of I can(uughhh, I hate the "because I can" thing :17:), I ride not because of it's saving gas, I ride not because of it's easier to get in/out traffic. I ride because I love to ride, I love the feel of freedom on an open roads, I ride because it helps me to (temporary) forget what happened at work and or at home, I ride because it's helps me to relax (until someone cut in front of me) :). I ride because I love to ride :D.
  10. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Why do I ride?? Because it doesn't feel right to not ride. It's the solitude, the freedom, the fresh air, the view, the companionship, the comraderie, the feeling of being alive and not just existing, being in control of the machine and not it controlling you, too far to walk:p.
    I'll ride to work when I can put it indoors (nights, weekends) otherwise birds use it for target practice. Haven't been able to ride to work this fall much. Road is torn up to resurface it and my alternate routes are gravel or 1 hr extra ride through deer country (not so safe after a 12 hr night shift).