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Whos going to the 105th


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Man-o- Man !..I've had the pleasure of meeting so many super cool folks here online...Now am wondering and hoping to meet some of ya in person ...How many of y'all are going to the 105th...Can we on this forum meet up some where? riding up with 2 other couples from my area ...we are going to stay at the Baymont Inn in Grafton Wi....on Fort Washington Rd....and hope we can get tickets for the Bruce Springsten concert as well...So maybe we can meet up somewhere really cool laying eyes on the folks from here...I know its a ways off...but this weather is gettin me plum down and if I just got sumthing to look forward to it will help!!!!:bigsmiley20:
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I'll be there i only live 58 miles from Milwaukee

Cool! we're only 495 miles from there..We all gotta find a place to either have a coffee are sumthing...maybe a Bush a former Marine ..0311..basic infantryman...was in country 65/66 Da Nang with Delta 1/9....So besides the Harley we got other things in
Give me a yell as it get closer.
Lot of riders for this are are shipping there bike to Boston and other sites and riding back.
Only harley rides would do that.

Well do !...and Thanks ...should be a great time...and the entertainments a bit better at this Elton...:D
I will be going up the weekend before the rally. I have family that live in Milwaukee and there will be so much going on. I also plan on attending the Milwaukee Rally which starts on that Wednesday at the area dealers.
i do believe i'm going to go. i live in chicago so it won't be an overnighter. it sounds like a great time!
Hey DK, I bought my package back in September. They're suppose to be mailing them sometime next month. I believe there's close to 30 in the Hog chatper I'm a member of that's going.
I have my room booked and looking forward to a nice ride up from Ohio.

Knees in the Breez is all I need

I have my room booked and looking forward to a nice ride up from Ohio.

Knees in the Breez is all I need


Maybe Sarge (aka Smitty) is familiar enough with the area he can suggest a meeting place..Man am looking so forward to it.:D
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I'm going,all booked up and rareing to go,cant arrange to meet any of you,mine is in Minehead,a tad too far for my buddies on that side of the pond,but 3 hours for me!Gonna be AWESOME!!!!