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    OK lets start by going east on i94 in michigan,first bike comes from left to right lane no problem traffic i can see is backing up for exit ramp i back off second bike has issues with a tailgater a cage i see this in my mirror rider decides to cut in front of me oh about 10 feet waits for cage to follow and slam hits his brake Cage dodges him barley , cage cuts back in front of him slams on his brake by this time both are at backup traffic for exit ramp and guess who saved both there lives that would be me in a 40 ton truck.Guys i don't care if you been riding 40 years and you know everything well if you do know everything please get off the road. Don't ever use a big truck to shave a tailgater off this has been and growing thing. Yeah Yeah i know you'll get a truck in your lane sometimes just a hint stay close to trailer side look for my face in mirror if you see it i see you that's way that guy lived to day because i prepared for a dumb move. That's my training every 6 mths to refresh to drive for everybody else and i don't know everything but i can say 900,000 logged miles no accidents and i ran into this rider 50 miles down the road at a fuel stop thats what he said to me ive been riding 40 years well i informed him i got more miles backing up then he did forward he just laughed and i walk away from a future statics. please please be safe. That's my rant:unsure
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    Good job for you. Some people just have no clue.
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    You story is a little tough to follow. Maybe it's me, but it reads like one long sentence.
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    I applaud your reactions and skills but you defied Darwin at his best!