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    Me with timing my 67 panshovel today ? I got some parts in and now I am ready to start trying one more time to fix this thing. I have to install a new oil pump check valve first then I will be ready to try and time this thing from the gear side on up I installed new points and condenser already coil is new plugs good wires ok all new electrical I just wanna make sure its timed right . I had it fire last weekend on the rear cylinder only so that tells me its outta time so I need help . I am also installing a new screen inside right side gear housing may need help with that too. so If anyones available around 1 or 2 this afternoon I will be at the shed and running back and forth to the pc.
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    I will:D See u at 2:s
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    Are you using points and condenser? Single points or duel? Check the wiring to the coil and coil output? When you only got one cyl to fire did you check to see if you had fire at the other cyl? When you pull the plugs is one wet?
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    Check this out:

    Harley Davidson Community

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    Thanks for the info hddon and Jack I will be doing some other things before i get into timing like installing crank shaft seal first and all the primary chain stuff so I am heading to the shovelshed now. wish me luck.