who has upgraded their engines to 103 or 110

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    I just had a 103 kit installed on my 2007 RK. i already had the rinehart tru duals and the se high flo air cleaner and had purchased a se race tuner so the upgrade kit including new cylinders, pistons and a set of se 255 cams heavy duty clutch spring and various gaskets cost me 1,570 bucks including labor and 2 hrs on the dyno. Well let me tell you the bike runs and sounds great. the numbers on the dyno were after a baseline of 67 hp and 72 ft/lbs of tourque after the install and being dialed in on the dyno the numbers jumped to 95 hp and 97 ft/lbs of tourque. Like i said the difference of 7 ci was unbeleivable. The pulling power off the line was amazing and the torque throughout the powerband was incredible. I would highly recommend this upgrade and the best part is that the hd dealer that installed it does not void your warranty.
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    Did the 103". Love it!
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    Same here. Great upgrade and a reasonable price.
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    Hob, you're better off having your stock heads worked. The SE heads are costly and don't offer much of anything that a good porter couldn't give you +
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    I don't know much about the 103's, but I can tell you that I'm on my second 110 after just 6k miles. The 110's are junk in my opinion. My dealer has been real good on keeping her running and doing everything in their power to keep me a happy camper. I've even have a set of head/jugs etc... sitting on a self at the local shop for when I need them. Stay with the 103's and enjoy the ride. As mentioned, I don't know much about the 103/s, but I've heard nothing but good stuff.
    Ugly John
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    yeah john i heard about problems also like seepage from the rear cylinder and assorted other stuff rick
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    There is an artical in last month and this months american iron mag about the 110. An engine builder and machine shop have been looking into the problems the 110 has been having. They seem to have a grip on what is going on. Check it out!
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