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    I rarely post, but often love to read other post. Long story short, I had to sell my 2010 Ultra because my wife could no longer ride, and we replaced it with a convertible Mustang we both can enjoy. My gracious company provided me with a nice bonus and now I have money for a replacement bike. I am looking at a 2005 Fat Boy that is white with only a bit over 7k miles. Not sure about a white bike, but this one looks great. My concern is how big of an adjustment will it be going from an Ultra to a Softail Fat Boy? Too big of an adjustment, or will I be comfortable and love the ride like the Ultra? Please comment...
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    You'll be scrapin floor boards constantly,they aren't geared the same,so it's going to get buzzy over 65-70mph.I could never stand the b engine,the delay in throttle response,and they just sound like a fork stuck in a disposal.Softies are great looking bikes,if they had a rubber mounted mill,I might consider another one.If you just want less on the bike get a Road King.
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    I have one of each; 2002 FLHT and 2005 FXSTD. I like them both but to be honest, if I had to get rid of one, it would be the softail. If I were in the OP's shoes, I would be looking for an '09 or later Streetglide.
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    My brother has an '08 Fatboy that he rides (around corners) fairly hard.He has bevelled his Primary case, scraped the right hand frame rails and totalled his footboards.But he loves it---

    He also bought a lovely Crimson Red Sunglow Streetglide that he says is WAY better than the Fatty. Outhandles it in every respect- better handling, better ground and cornering clearance, better ride, better cruising/touring.Just all round better. Loves it too.
    He prefers the 'Glide as it IS a better well rounded piece of machinery; but will never divest himself of the FLSTF.

    Horses for courses.
  5. dbmg

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    Its going to be hard to down grade from the Ultra. Unless you want a bike that 100 pounds lighter and are just going to short trip on....
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    Boy that's a big step. I'd suggest a RK if your are looking for a simpler machine but.... it offers tons of flexibility for longer ride set ups. Of course I may be a bit biased.;)
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    A Road King with a Woody's fairing and a tourpak. That is what I have, and I can configure it so suit my mood or for the ride.

    Rich P