Whip or what??

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  1. Mavagrand

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    I've noticed a few bikes around her with these long leather braided "whips" hanging off their bars. Never seen it before and now I see at least one a month, they seem to be gaining popularity. Some of these are so long I would think they would get in the way as your riding. Anyone know what they are??
  2. R_W_B

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    Well you ain't far from me and I haven't see one yet. But I know what you are talking about. They are big out in Texas where my stepson is stationed (Ft. Hood). Mostly 1% biker gangs (drug related) have them or at least originally that was the case.

    Now many regular (non gang) bikers are starting to ride with them. They are basically a weapon and can also be used to bash out the window of a cager that may cut one off etc.

    You just slip the lock hasp off the clutch lever and it becomes like a weighted sling type affair. I've heard they will break a lever after after enough time though.

    I would not advise using one (for any reason) especially in Florida since many of these cagers down here have guns and from the evening news I see that they will use them in road rage incidents quite often it seems.
  3. Bodeen

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    I've seen more and more of them and the ones I have seen were NOT 1%'ers. I guess they'll be like ape hangers everybody wants them......
  4. Iceman24

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    They're called "get back" whips...used as another protection element when riding. To me - look like an annoyance...JMO. Here's a site that explains & sells:

    IronBraid Get-Back-Whips
  5. Mavagrand

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    Saw one on a bike at the Harley shop a few weeks ago. It was a Saturday, not sure who was riding it but didn't see any 1% type there. They seemed excessive to be solely decorative, although I would have never thought you were supposed to hit a cage with it..wow! If I'm that close to a car with that thing, it would be easy for them to run me over...kinda stupid IMO.

    IT's amazing what some guys will do/buy for an image.
    Thanx for the info, RWB. I've learned something today.
  6. Mongo1958

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    I call them useless. I'll never have them on any bike I have.
  7. STEVE07

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  8. bluefilhd

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    I've never known them to be soley a 1%er thing. I've seen them on bikes a lot lately too. As a matter of fact I can't recall seeing them on any 1% bike. Not to say they don't use them. Anyway, if actually used it would just be something else for the cage driving majority to use to regulate us. Bikers smashing windows or just hitting a car might put a bad taste in the general publics mouth for us. So I see them as something to just stay away from. Mostly an image thing if you ask me.
  9. ultradoc

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    I haven't seen any of these around here. Years ago I had ones the slipped over the brake and clutch levers that were about 6in. long but nothing like these. It seems they would be anoying to the rider.
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    I like what the say in the ad that they are a visibility :small3d002:aid so others see you better!! Ya right!