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I'm getting a set of Vance and Hines pipes for my softail deluxe. I am considering the big Radius they look real nice or the big shots. What do you think. I want to improve performance and make the deluxe sound like a Harley....
The true duals sacrifice some performance on the bottom end because they loose the scavenging of the stock setup, somewhat of a 2 into 1.
Hey Hobbit
Yeah I must admit those things look pretty freakin Nice. I'll check em out. But I am planning changing the stock bars for a set of baby apes.
I'm headin out for a ride. The days are gettin shorter and cooling off like crazy. GOtta take advantage of all of em before the white **** starts to fly.
Thanks for the idea, much appreciated.
Enjoy the buzz bro, Cheers
I know they are not VH But I have D&D fat cats on my 07 NT .They look really good .Do not sacrifice performance .And sound really beefy .tThey may not be the look your going for but are worth looking into
Hey CTrian
Thanks I will look em up. But got ma heart set on a set of V&H but ya never know.....
I just posted some pics of my bike in the softail gallery.If you'd like to see how they look.
You might think about a set of Rush pipes. I got a set for my 06 FXDBI and they sound greta and cheaper that V&H.
Hobbit, glider is right, they do have a pipe connecting the exhaust, at least on the softtail standard. sportys come stock with true duals.
Just put a set of V+H Big Radius on my 2007 Fat Boy if the performance is as good as the sound i'll be well happy. Haven't run it on the road yet still waiting on a SERT, and also in the process of putting on a set of Big 'uns T-Bars.