Which pipes for 2012 FLSTC

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    Ok guys, I am a few hundred miles from my 5k service and have decided to go with the following upgrades at that time:

    1. SE Air Cleaner
    2. SE Race Tuner
    3. New Exhaust (which is in question)
    4. Dyno run

    Now the question is which exhaust to go with. I have searched the forum and found a lot of info but nothing that specific for my situation.

    I am looking for better performance, better sound, and great look. I have it narrowed down to three options:

    1. V&H Big Shots Long
    2. V&H Softail Duals
    3. Rinehart Softail Churchill 2 into 2

    So, if anyone can help me out hear I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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    OK,my best advice is, regarding great sound, go to youtube and type in the exhaust and listen to sound bites. Also consider the Bub brand, they are very nice sounding and look great, I have Rush myself and love them. Good luck.
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    Wow, you don't ask for much do you?


    You forgot "great price."
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    I figure asking for all of that, I could forget about a "great price'! I am pretty sure the sound will be great on any of the three, the way the look on the bike I guess is a personal taste issue as well. However, I was hoping to get some feedback on performance. I will tell you (for those that don't already know) I weight 165 lbs. and ride mostly solo and the performance of a stock HD is really quite miserable! I am not a speed demon and not into racing. My last bike was a 1200 sporty (carb.) and of course I know we are not comparing apples to apples here but, come on....A 103 cubic inch engine should have more torque and HP than this. I guess what they say is true in regards to the EPA choking HD in the power dept.

    Thanks, Jack. I was leaning toward the V&H, but, which ones...duals or big shots? A tech told me that pipes with any kind a crossover would not provide as much power as a straight pipe. The Big Shots have a crossover in which they call a "power commander" and advertise this as a bonus of power. ????? Any help on this one?

    Also, in regards to the SERT. I thought long and hard (while holding my wallet tightly) about the dyno and SERT and my reasons for going this route are simply this. If all this, (dyno, SERT, Air cleaner, exhaust) doesn't give me the power I want/need, I will be getting new cams. And from what I have read on here, the SERT is the way to go if this becomes an option.
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    I would go with the rineharts or bub's. I had V&H stagger shots on my 08 FLSTC and they were ok. And about your tech with less power with cross overs. I was told different. You loss more power with true duals then the cross overs. So when I bought my new FLHTK I put V&H power dual headers and rinehart slipons and love them.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    A cross over is designed in the system to help with exhaust scavenging, true duals look cooler, but in the end the flow and cross over make a differance Harley Davidson Community from the self help section
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