Which is better and why?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by qbert1963, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Hey people been awhile since I've been here. My question is which S & S kit is better the 95 inch, or the 97 inch and why? Ebay has the 97 inch one for about $700.00.
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    The best kit is boring your cylinders to 95" or 98" and having a set of pistons fitted and rings gapped by a competent machinist. Boring, honing, fitting pistons and gapping rings runs about $120-$150 in my neck of the woods and a quality piston set runs about $200; spend the $200 you saved on something else.

    The problem with "kits", even S&S, is you are not sure that the bore is true and piston fitment is dead on. If I was using a new set of cylinders I would order pistons .010" OS so the cylinder bore could be trued up, if necessary, and the piston to cylinder fitted to manufacturer's spec. S&S quality control is better than the MoCo. I have seen MoCo big bore kits with untrue bores and piston to cylinder fitment that did not meet spec. S&S is better but still the occasional mis-matched components get out. That can be avoided and money saved by boring your "seasoned" cylinders and fitting the pistons of your choice.

    There are vendors that will do this for you if a local machine shop is not capable. If the local machine shop does not have torque plates for boring and honing, find another one. Hillside Cycles and VTwin Performance will work with customer on an exchange basis to minimize down time. They will send you the cylinders with pistons fitted and rings gapped and charge a core deposit which will be refunded when they receive your cylinders in good condition.
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    What he said!

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    Yes, I'M ANOTHER that Goes That Way...

    I Have had problems once on a build, Buying one out of the Box/or off the shelf...

    No Way any more :small3d023: Have a professional do the bore to Fit the Pistons/Rings... (seasoned cylinders)

    Get them Ready to go: CLEAN out the cylinder walls NO SHORT CUTS here....

    Put them together in the correct order...... All parts should be / will be marked... F and R and have a Great running motor...

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    What all has already been said. If you do the build yourself make sure to wash down the cylinders with lots of hot soapy water, do the same for the rings. You do NOT want ant grit for your build:s
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    I've done many S&S kits and never had a problem....BUT I do measure & double check everything.