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Which HD?


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I want to drive around the State and I may go out of state once in awhile. Which model should I get. I like the looks of the Heritage but I wonder if I should get the Road King, Street Glide or Road Glide. Without being able to test drive them at the moment, I don't know how different they ride. My wife will be on the back so I need to know which one we should get. Help me out!
if you're looking into the road king for two up riding, you'll certainly want to consider swapping out the stock seat. i love my road king, but my wife couldn't ride more than 45 minutes on the stock seat...
We got the Road King coz we intended to do most all our riding two-up...and liked the look of a standard Road wife liked the hard type saddle bags...and since she allowed me to buy one in the first place: i went along with her. Also when we first started looking i felt very uncomfortable with the bikes with fairing. So we went with comfort as far as how it felt underneath us.(me ). I must agree with the other gentleman ...the very first thing we changed was our stock seat. It took us about 2 months of shopping to decide. So don't rush into it, is also great advise. We've put over 42,000 miles on a 2004 Road King and have loved every single mile we have rode together. One of the greatest things was the people we met. Seems thats one of the coolest things about owning a Harley, are any bike for that matter.We met folks on all type of bikes. Of course now our bike is anything but a standard Road We got the bug real bad and dressed her up a bit. I've even added a fairing..So we would have a radio to listen to, as we do some very long road trips..oh ! one other thing...our kids are so freakin jealous of us...Lov it........Good Luck !
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I can't do much more than agree with everyone else. I liked the looks of the Road King but ended up with an Electra Glide because of the comfort factor. My wife sat on a Road King and gave the rear seat an instant thumbs down. The Electra Glide put a smile on her face. Ours has the top luggage box as well as the hardbags and both come in handy when trips lasting overnight or longer are the plan. The padded back rest adds to my wife's comfort as well. I still like the cleaner less-cluttered look of the Road King but if I had it to do all over again I'd buy the same bike I've got. Looking cool is okay but feeling good at the end of a long ride is even better.

Ozoneman --- Not trying to sound like a H-D salesman but if you go to their website and click on DEMO EVENT,your state, they might have one close where you and the Mrs.,keeping her involved with this, can go check out some bikes your considering up close and personal.(if you haven't done this already!!!???) just a thought!
Yea what they all said. Heritage is a sweet bike, but if you are going two up for a lot of riding it will leave you wanting.
I have a road glide because I like the frame mounted faring.
BUT I put a Classic seat on it and a tour pack so by time I was done I ended up with an EG with frame mount faring.
TWO up on all most any trip you will want the tour pack.
What sucks when you by a new bike is find you should have gone a head a moved up a notch. Most of the time it is more cost effective to get the one fits your needs to start with.
IF (correction) When I add a third one it will be a Heritage.

What is included in the tour pack? And which seat do you have?
I'm kind of leaning toward a Road Glide because of the frame mounted faring. I've been told they handle better going down the road. Is that true?
I have ridden both front end mounted and frame mounted faring bikes in heavy winds. The frame mounted is more stable, plus I like the look of it better than the bat wings. I really love my Road Glide. There are some things I never thought I would want in a bike until after I got the Road Glide. The radio, just wonderful! Floor boards are so much more comfortable than just pegs. Gauges are great, however, I have to admit I added a faring mounted oil temperature gauge which is not standard. Adjustable rider back rest. My back never hurts after very long rides like it did with my Deuce. Hard saddle bags very nice. And the cruise control is fabulous! It gives my right hand and arm a chance to relax. I hope this helps!!

Do you have the stock seat for the Road Glide? How comfortable is it? Would you consider getting a Classic EG seat for your Road Glide?
During my travels this weekend, I found a couple used Ultras for sale at a couple different Harley dealerships. Can you guys tell me what I should offer if I decide to go with one of these Ultras?

First one is a 2006. About 5600 miles. It has chrome forks, luggage rack on top of the tour pak. I don't think it has any other options. But of course the Ultra already has a lot of stuff as standard.

The second one is also a 2006 with 3000 miles. It has rider back rest, front and rear adjustable highway pegs, luggage rack on top of tour pak, stage 1 and L/H pipes, chrome brake disk cover, optional lights around saddle bags.

Also, where do I look up the value of bikes on the Internet?
This is very difficult to decide which one. Whatever I get, it will need to have the EG seat. My wife liked that seat much better when she tried them out on the showroom floor. So now I need to decide if I should get the Ultra Glide, Electra Glide Classic, or the Road Glide (with a EG seat and tour pak). She also wants the speakers in the back as on the Ultra but I don't know if that is really necessary. I want the Cruise also. Thanks for the information you all have already given me, but is there anything else anyone can tell me to help me out with this decision?

Also, should I get the Security option?