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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Veep, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I ride an 07 Electra Glide Classic and would like a little more grunt. It already has SE slip-ons and air cleaner upgrade with a PC. The RPM I do most of my riding at is 2000-3000 rpm with 1500-4000rpm being the outer limits. I am not looking to race or break the bank. No hi-lift cams. I am not going to do any head or spring work. Maybe a new set of pushrods to make installation easier. Any suggestions from experience? Maybe a dyno sheet? I am considering the SE 203 but am unsure. I put the SE 204 cams in my 09 Nightrain and I am not really happy with them. Also, I am considering ditching the PC for a SERT. I already have the software and am familiar with it. Anybody see any real gains from this? Just curious. Thanks. :D
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    I have put the Andrews 26G cams in 5 02-06 88TC's with excellent results in all 5 bikes, 2 of em were carberated and 3 were injected. Along with FF exhaust and intakes, and the injected bikes had ta have PC on em. Andrews shows a 26H for the 96TC. The 26'll broading your Torque Curve and give you lots of grunt at freeway speeds in top gear to pass when you need to. The guys who have 'em say "when your going 70mph and ya roll on the throttle, it's like ya kicked it down a gear." It ain't a race cam, so it don't come on with RPM's it produces good usable torque from about 2800rpm to about 5000rpm.
    Good luck.......ya installing it yourself?
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    Put a set of Andrews 26N's on my '99 Ultra and am very pleased with the results. The bike has a TFI, Big Sucker a/c, and a set of V&H slip on's. Cam comes on at about 1800 and is done by 4000. Fuel consumption remained about the same. Hope this helps
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    I put Andrews 26H cams in 3 bikes now. Really do enjoy these. Motor heat went down also. Powercommander has a good map for these cams also. Shop around as they can be bought cheaper than from the dealer... Mileage only changes a little if you can keep from racing the bullet bikes....
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    S/E 255 like Smitty said is a great way to go & you'll like the sert, nothing piggy backed on your stock system to go south and it's a good diagnostic tool also.
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    My 26G AMS 96" BB dyno:


    TQ curves top to bottom:
    AMS 96" BB, Bassani Tru-Duals, Rush mufflers with 2" baffles
    AMS 96" BB, Bassani Tru-Duals, Rush mufflers with 2.5" baffles
    88" stock, Bassani Tru-Duals, Rush mufflers with 2.5" baffles
    88" stock, stock headers, Rolling Thunder mullers with 1.75" baffles
    (AN Big Sucker and PCIII USB on all configs)
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    Going through this same process now.I want torque down low;dont care for much over 4000 rpm.
    I stumbled across a couple of mild lift cams that dont require valve spring replacement, on the S&S website.
    Cam 551 which apparently works fom idle to 4000rpm,with a nice fat healthy curve and a great increase over stock.Good for touring bikes.

    Cam 583 which is a midrange baby.Works from 1500 to 5000rpm,and actually looks like it has a better curve than the 551.Says its good for Softails,but i cant say why it shouldn't work for a touring bike.

    I e mailed S&S and they actually said the 551 would be better for my style of riding-which is not what the website implied.Go figure.Or go call 'em.

    Punch 'S&S easy start cams' into your search engine and you'll be able to see the dyno charts.Good torque increases and moderate HP gains.

    Good luck
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    I installed SE 255 cams in my 08 rkc what a difference they work right in the rpm range your talking about and still have some grunt award over 4k made a huge difference 2 up. Way the 96 should have come from the factory
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    I have to agree with the SE 255 cams. Put them along with V&H VO2 naked air filter system, V&H Pro Pipe 2 into 1 on my 103" limited. I have the PC V with auto tune modules and the bike really rocks. I didn't think touring bikes would run 120 MPH until I got mine. At freeway speeds of 70 it is simply a twist of the throttle and you are up to 90. I have read some people complain about 6th gear being to high, but with this combo I run in 6th from 50 MPH all the way up without any problems. Good luck with whatever you choose!