where's all the oil coming from?

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    Rode into town yesterday which is about 20 miles, '97 Heritage ran just fine. Parked and went in for a DR. appointment and came out a hopur later to find a 15 foot trail of drops behind my bike that ended in a small pudle under it. The trail of drops started with clean blacktop behind it then just a couple drops a few inches apart and then a steady dripping so it had to start leaking all of a sudden with the bike practically coasting to a stop before parking. Checked dipstick and found just a little on dipstick. I rode it across the road to a NAPA and put in two quarts of oil to bring level up where it belongs on stick. Started home and got about 1 mile when oil started just puking out from under air cleaner cover. Pulled over and ended up trailering it home. Now several questions........
    1. What do I start checking myself?
    2. How could it run so well as in strong with no smoke and have anything seriously wrong?
    3. Read about blocked return lines how does a man check for something like that?
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    Possible you have a pump problem and it's sumping in the engine. The nose cone would have to be opened up to check for the key in the drive to see if it is intact.

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    Just by reading your post,,,,,,,,,,,, I would think you have Over Filled it ...
    The level you said was up to a little on stick.. That tells me 2 QTS is way TOO much...
    The oil was low BUT probably not 2 qts.. 2 quarts and Overfull,,,That would cause the engine to push the oil out the breather, and Never have a chance to OR ROOM for the oil to Pump Out of the sump back into the oil tank causing More problems..

    If the pump was not pumping the oil BACK into the oil tank that would show LOW when it was laying inside the engine.. Then you added More oil to the mix..

    Gliders suggestion is where I would go to make sure the oil pump is okay.

    Did your IDIOT light come on or engine make noise at all before you shut it down?

    helpful if you give FULL details about the bike.. Mileage, modifications and any other helpful changes you have done with the bike,,, So WE can understand a little more BEFORE we (I) Jump to conclusions....:D

    Where did the oil puddle seem to be below? That is important, Filter? oil drain tube?

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    OK, more info.... I took the air cleaner & cover off, took off backing plate and found tiny crack in that looks like 3/8" rubber tubing that runs from each head ( SE ) and Tees into the top of the carb ( supposed to introduce mist back into carb? ) took two pieces of 3/8" tubing and ran them down to a drain pain underneath bike. Started her up, starts easily and runs same as always and looked into tank. Oil is circulating but within 30-40 seconds oil started coming out of those two tubes I mentioned into drain pan. Wouldn't take but a couple minutes to pump ALL of the oil out of tank. Oil tank was NOT overfull yesterday when the first oil was noticed, about 1800 miles on this change of Amsoil never added any since I changed so it didn't get to full all of a sudden by itself. Never seen a drop anywheres before yesterday. What in the world is all that oil doing up in the head? Why isn't it returning to the tank faster?
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    Sounds like a bypass problem in the oil pump