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  1. markfsanderson

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    I'm soon to be moving to San Antonio Texas in a couple of weeks and have pretty much decided to ship my new FXDC there from Nashua, NH. Currently the bike is in storage, as riding in NH weather is most certainly for far more experienced riders than I. I purchased my motorcycle here in NH from Granite State H-D (great guys, in fact) for a good deal less than I was expecting. Since I'm a new/old rider (rode in college years ago), and have had my 'M' drop off my license I need to be licensed.
    Here in NH the state runs training as well as an organization named 'M.O.S.T' or something to that effect. I have seen a couple of places in San Antonio to be trained:

    • Southwest Motorcycle Training 170.00
    • Harley Davidson Training - 'Guide to Ride' 159.00
    • Motorcycle Training Center - Basic Training 195.00
    And quite a few more in the area as well . . .

    Anyone have any experience with these organizations in San Antonio, TX? What were your impressions? I'm always a bit leary about going strictly by the 'google star' count, as these can be manipulated fairly easily. Any ideas or caveats?

    Thanks - Mark!
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I would first check your local dealer, many times they will offer a discount riders course if this is what you are looking for:s
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  3. markfsanderson

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    Jack - thanks! Great idea, I'm going to be shipping my bike (probably) to Caliente and they also hold the classes for the area . . . Hmm . . I might be able to learn on my own motorcycle? That would be nice! I haven't called them yet to see how that would work out . . . we'll see . . .

    Thanks - Mark! :newsmile042:
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Good thing about the courses is you can take an advanced course once you pass the endorsement course, be sure to mention these to your insurance agent it may make a huge difference in your fees , Good Lock:rider Most dealers also have HOG workshops check this out also:s
  5. Rubyred

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    Are you in the military or recently in the military. If so call the base safety office or MWR. Most installations offer motorcycle safety courses on base at no charge.
  6. HDDon

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    Take a look here, find one in the area you live in:Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They offer a great course and also offer advanced courses. Be sure to contact your Ins. agent to get the discount.
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    In the state of texas all new M/C applicants must take a safety course in order to get a M/C endorsement and pass a written exam. My question would be whether or not part of the class is covering the exam,then if it were me I would go with the cheapest and most conveinent ,caliente has a good reputation youll love san tone half hour north or west is some of the best riding in the state and you can ride all year...
  8. rking

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    You will have no problem dealing with Caliente H-D, Fred the owner is very cool and runs a good shop. Has something going on every weekend at the shop, take Hwy 16 out of San Antonio to some of the best riding in Texas.
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    Hey Mark check this out and you ride their bikes.....
    If it is like Pa. the fee is part of the licensing of rider.

    Motorcycle Safety Foundation
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    Mark it is wise to use thier bike in case of any oops and like Texas Tom said great areas to ride I remember to the north, I think it is called Hill country...very very nice!