Where to put D-rings on trailer floor

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Jcannon, Sep 15, 2008.

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    I have read all the post on strapping down and trailering your bike. I have a 5x8 landscape trailer, I put a 3/4 pressure treated floor on it and a Wheel Chock. I have for D- Rings and would like to know where to mount them. DO i mount them in the center in the front to pull the bike in the chock better. DO i put all four in front (all straps goign forward) I have never hauled and i have a 06 sportster. ANy suggestions on where good points on the bike would be to place the straps? I am finishing the trailer tommorrow and hauling wed. JUst nervous.

    THanks GUys.
  2. 1fltri4me

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    Use two rings as far forward and out they can go.You want to pull the bike into the wheelchock.If there is room I would place the chock so it is a little further to the rear of the trailer,just make sure the gate can close.You want the tie down mounts in front of the chock.
    For the rear place the rings out to the rear and sides.These mounting points are to keep the rear of the bike from sliding.
    You can buy some soft tie down extensions.These will go on your bike then the tie down hooks will go thru the loops.
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    I don't have D-rings on my trailer, I just hook to the bottom of the frame. (My trailer is only 4x8.) I tie to the corners of the trailer to right above the fender mount on the bike. I then take a strap, go through the back wheel, and back to the back of the trailer and pull that tight.

    I also take a stap and go from the side of the trailer to the forks as well, just as a backup to the front straps.