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Where to buy Spectro oil?

Dr. Dolittle

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I've read some good things about Spectro transmission oil for the Harley 6 speed transmission. However, their website doesn't show a dealer within 100 miles of my zip code. Kind of hard to believe since I live just north of Atlanta. I didn't see anything on their website about ordering it direct from them either. Where do you folks get your Spectro oils???
Yes here in NC could only find one dealer remotely about a product that is hard to find....probably harder to get than Amsoil...There are 10 dealers within a 10 mile radius of me...
I decided to give it a try, so the search began I ran in a few problems trying to get Spector it kind of made me mad.
On Wensday I went to the dealer I have used for years. Sat down with the owner.
I ask him if he would consider stocking some Spectro.
He had his office people get them on the phone and ordered 4 cases next day air.
So try talking with your dealer.
My approach was this
1. I prefer buying from HD
2. want the option to buy the products I want from him.
3. I am and have been a good customer
he is also going to stock M1 VTWIN 20/50
Way to go Smitty! I am going to talk to my dealer about that. The Honda dealer did not seem to "freindly" with me....and I stood around for some time before they even decided to acknowledge me...alot different then my local HD dealer... (maybe it was the HD T-Shirt I ws wearing?):D
I just had my 5000 mile service and now have Spectro 6 in the tranny. What a difference it made. I got it at the dealer that did the service. Now if they would sart stocking some Mobil 1.
Going to a honda dealer with an Hd T shirt on it not cool. It's called rubbing it in.
I think if your dealer is like mine one thats been around along time and you expalne you want to buy from them not down the road they will listen.
Our dealer has been here sence the 1950's. And a couple generation have bought thier bikes from him
Could be, but was not my intention....I just could not find my t-shirt from my 250r 3 wheeler days back in the 80's:p
Maybe because i put on about 40lbs since back then, and it shrunk!
I am going to visit my HD dealer and see if they will look into these products. they dont mind if you bring your own fluids, they will drop it in for you. But i do my own work. And would love to see their mark up on the fluids, Autozone sells M1 for $8.00 a quart...
M1 or M1 VTWIN i paid 9.00 for the M1Vtwin 20/50
I do mind pay a little more at a dealer, autozone and those places are rhe automoble version of walmart and after awhile you have only them left that scares me. When that happen watch you choises dry up fast
M1_Vtwin. There about 2 miles from the HD dealer and i think they figured that out, they stock a large amount of it. seems to me the HD dealer is missing out on some $$$. Keep the price competitive and they can gain some cash and probably sell some other items. You can have a "one stop" stop shop for us and make a little more $$
each dealer is free to stock and sell any products they want. Hd does not control that. It is up to us to go to them and tell them waht we want.
if you have one of those mega dealers with a marketing plan drawn up by some person thats does not even know what an HD is then it's up to us to go to OWNER and educate them on what we want.
Right or wrong my money my bike you would think HD dealers would know that better than anyone
Your right, I think we end up educating them on the products to stock.
With the business i am in, I will sell a customer what ever they want to buy as long as it is not garbage and give them a bad return on performance and maintenance. I want them for life and not a one hit wonder..