Where to buy in GA and surrounding states

Discussion in 'South East' started by bigmikehd1, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. bigmikehd1

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    Just wondering what people think. I represent a dealer that is new to GA and wanted to know where people think is a good place and what my dealership may offer that others do not.
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    I assume your talking about a Harley dealer, if so check out Kutter Harley-Davidson, they sell online products a lot cheaper then anyone else. Maybe your dealer can do what Kutter does. Example, I bought a SE pro race tuner from Kutter HD online for $100.00 dollars less then anywhere else and they offer free shipping with orders over $99.00 dollars.
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    It seems as if you are promoting a new dealer short of advertising the name and address of dealer. I would bet that if your business plan at dealer has met the requirements of Harley Davidson Motor Company to acquire a new HD franchise along with common sense and good customer service and properly repairing and servicing bikes, you will have nothing but success........
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    just be FAIR and HONEST and you can't go wrong. we all understand that you have to make profit , and we dont mine that. just be fair and honest. because , here in florida i havent found one yet
  5. pjciii

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    i am very loyal to Cycle World in Athens. i live in Lawrenceville and there are closer dealers but none that are more fair to help the customer and rider. give people a fair price without taking money out of your sales people's pocket. provide great service in a timely fashion. they have a very active HOG chapter and sponsor a lot of events to show their appreciation. bike nights, swap meets, rides, toys for tots and on and on. my 2 cents
    in Minnesota i am loyal to twin cities Harley for the same reasons.