When is my Electra Glide empty?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Keitht, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Keitht

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    I have an 08 Electra Glide classic.

    I believe it has a 6 gallon fuel tank. When it is on empty, I fill it and I can only get 4 gallons in. So is there 2 gallons left after empty?

    I know the manual says that when it gets low enough a "low fuel light" will come on. I have never seen this light even though I have ran it right up to the big E. I wouldn't know what the light looked like if it did come on? Does it say: "low Fuel"?

    I just want to know for sure when I absolutely need fuel.
  2. glider

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    The fuel gauges in these bikes are anything but accurate. If it is that far off, have the dealer look at it or drain the tank and add a pre measured amount to see what puts the low fuel light off. They will no doubt tell you they are all like that and do nothing but worth a try.
  3. Animal

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    My 05 Ultra is half full when the gauge is just below full and has about a quarter tank when on half. I go by mileage.
  4. SeaRider04

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    I know mine is not a touring Bikes but when my low fuel (picture of the yellow container) light is on, I have about a gallon left in the tank, 5.0 gal tank.
  5. Crazyfrog

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    There is a little light on the speedo that looks like a gas can. When it comes on, your odometer switches to r mode, which tells you how many miles you have left on reserve. I would say mine is not very accurate either, but I have seen it on a couple of times, and been able to put over 5 gallons in.
  6. Joyflyin

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    I'm glad to see this, as hubby & I were out one afternoon, he thought he had about a 1/4 tank & that we should be good for a few miles. So, instead of heading directly to the gas station, (out of the planned route) we take off, get about 8 miles and his fuel light had come on. Well, the navigator missed a turn, so we ended up riding about 20 more miles before I realized that things weren't making sense and got us to the gas station. He put 5.2 gallons in the tank. I am glad to see that tid bit about the odometer info Crazyfrog, since I asked him if he was on reserve yet, and he pointed out that his was FI, he didn't have a fuel switch. :) So, I guess I should read his manual now. :D
  7. gs34

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    On my 07, the low fuel light comes on between 162 and 168 miles on the odometer. Normally takes 3.9 to 4.1 gal to fill.
    I have always gone by the odometer rather than a gauge on any bike or other vehicle I have ever owned. The fuel gauge has always been just a visual indicator. I reset my odometer at every fillup and keep an eye on the miles.
    Must work, never ran out of fuel...... yet! LOL!
  8. dan1551

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    I have an 08 Ultra with 7K miles
    I leave it on R on the odometer almost all the time The low fuel light is just like whoever said its on the speedometer and yellow It will come on the first time the R says under 40 miles. Then it will continue down to about 10 ,then it just says LOThen is when I worry last time I got that low I rode 5 more miles then put in 5.85 gallons in the 6 gallon tank So, Mine works good.......test it slowly usually im at 220 miles when I fill up.
  9. Joyflyin

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    I need to go play with hubbies bike. :s I may have him test the reserve reading, but close to home or with a gallon of gas on the back. :D
  10. Fossil

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    When the bike stops running the gas tank is usually empty. My 47 years has taught me that. Of course I can't fix my own electrical problem but I think some of these folks have headed me in the right direction. Fossil