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When do the 09's come out?

Dr. Dolittle

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I bought my 07 last March and was having so much fun on it I was oblivious when the 08's came out. Now I'm thinking about buying again this spring/summer. Does anyone know when the 09's will be on the showroom floors? Any info on price increases or will HD hold the line on prices? Any rumors on new models or enhancements to current models other than the CrossBones?
Don't know what the official release date is but I bought my '08 on Sept 1st last summer. We were in Sturgis the first week of August and Black Hills Harley dealer in Rapid City had a ton of 'em out there. And they sold a ton of 'em. That's where we seen the first 105th models. So I know you can get one in August in S. Dakota.
Typically soon after the dealer show, and the meeting is often in July. August tends to be the month when some (but not all) of the new model year bikes begin to appear.
bought my 08 the middle of last August and mine was the first in the valley so you should start checking your dealer in Aug.
August September here in Canada, as for prices the 2008 EG is almost $3000 less today than what I paid for my my 2007. Our dollar at par sure brought the prices down. Would have bought mine in Great Falls but the U.S. dealers can't sell new to Canadians.