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Wheel Balancing


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From Dunlop Tires

It is essential tire/wheel assemblies be balanced before use and rebalanced each time the tire is removed or replaced. Unbalanced tire/wheel assemblies can vibrate at certain speeds, and tire wear will be greatly accelerated.

All Dunlop street tires should be installed with the yellow balance dot at the valve. Wheels may be balanced with spoke nipple weights, lead wire or self-adhesive rim weights. Consult the motorcycle manufacturer for approved wheel weights.

Dunlop does not recommend the use of dry or liquid balancers/sealers and will not warrant tires into which these materials have been injected. Tire and wheel assembly balance must be checked with a balance stand or computer wheel balancer.

Here's something that I have found to work and also save the cost and time of re balancing a wheel if the weights get thrown off.
Using a good quality wheel weight helps greatly here and not the cheap ones found in some auto stores. I find the ones with the sponge type backing are prone to coming off sometimes.
If you have the wheels balanced again, make a note and record where the weights are placed in relation to the valve stem and how much weight is on there, also which side of the wheel. If necessary make a diagram to make it clear for the future. Do it for both wheels and file it with your bike papers.
This way you can replace them if you loose them and get a quality wheel weight too this time.
I've had good luck with the two sided automotive attachment tape to replace a thrown weight. The key here is the cleanliness of the area where the weight is to be attached. Clean it well with alcohol or even lacquer thinner if it's not a painted wheel and the weights will stay on better.
Shape the weight to the curve of the wheel and only place it on the inner area of the wheel , not the side edge where centrifugal force will throw it off. I've seen that done too using stick on weights!
Great info, Mr. Data. I wanted to add one thing about that though, and that is wheel cleaners. I made the mistake in using a car wheel cleaner on my Ultra and found later that the wheel weights where gone and just the adhesive foam stripes left. I guess the cleaner dissolves the adhesive that holds the weights. The can did say not for motorcycle use. DUH!
I agree with the tape on weights and wheel cleaners having an effect on the adhesive. I have seen this many times where the weight is gone and just the adhesive remains.

Good point to make.