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What's your opinion of HOG ?


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I have seen this thread on other forums I would like to know your opinion:bigsmiley12::bigsmiley29:
I was a HOG member about 10 years ago. I got out of it only because I ended up selling my bike. Now that I'm back on a HD I will likely join up again. As with any group, it is what you make of it. I found it to be a good excuse to go ride, and also a good way to make new friends to ride with.

I am also an ABATE member, and I like their philosophy that it isn't what you ride, but rather that you do ride. I've ridden many other bikes and my personal preference is a Harley. I LOVE THESE BIKES. However, I won't knock somebody else for what they ride. I don't think most of the folks I met back then in the local HOG chapter would either. Definitely some good folks there, and worth checking out your local chapter. One word of caution: if there is more than one chapter in your area look for the chapter that is more active and seems to be organized well.
I am a member of H.O.G. and my local chapter in Valley Forge has a lot of nice friendly people who all share the same love of riding Harleys. I think it is great and I am glad to be a member of an organization that is about "The Ride". Become a national H.O.G. member and check out your local chapter and you will probably find what I did. I am also a life member of ABATE of PA.
Why would I want to join an organization that would have ME, for a member !!!
I’m about a hundred miles from the nearest chapter, I think. Either Lexington KY or Knoxville TN. 36 years on a bike and I’ve never joined a club. May check them out some day.
I have seen this thread on other forums I would like to know your opinion:bigsmiley12::bigsmiley29:

what about HOG do you find desirable?
What benefits do you think you'll get from joining?

which is my twisted way of saying, joining HOG is like buying a bike,

does it fit YOUR needs?
I belong simply because it came with the bike I bought last summer. But it also gives me folks to ride with when I'm home and don't feel like riding by my self. It's not an M.C. just a riding club generally sponsored by the local dealer so no initiations, prospecting and so forth just pay the fee and your in. This can be good or bad.... Anyone with a Harley can join whether you've ridden for 2 days or 40 years. So if you enjoy riding with the pack but don't enjoy dodging rookies learning probably not for you. As for myself doesn't bother me and I ride with an M.C. when I need a little more hardcore and alone or with H.O.G. when I just wanna get out and enjoy my ride..
i bought a nightrain new in march 2007 and i got the hog membership thrown in for free. good magazine but i will not be renewing my membership because i was put off by the words of the local hog club "we are not bikers we are enthusiasts" on an open day at my local dealership. i didnt understand why he needed to say such an odd thing. i would probably still join if i didnt already have lots of other similar clubs near by.
You can join with just a HOG membership for ther benefits, like the roadside assistance. Thats what I did, you don't have to belong to the local chapter.
I've been a Life member since 1993 and do no more than read the magazine and pray I never need the roadside assistance. Dispite not being an active member I like being part of a group of likeminded people.