What's up with my cousin?

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    I rode over to see one of my cousins the other day. When I arrived her brother was there. I saw he was riding a Honda VTX1800. I went in the house for awhile and when we were leaving he started bad mouthing my beautiful Harley Deluxe. I couldn't believe it! He was yelling at his sister that I was riding a piece of (EDIT) and when I started my bike he said, "wait til I start mine and you can hear how a bike should sound". He started it up and it sounded terrible, but I said nothing. I was shocked by his attitude and refused to let him dictate my response to him. If he was broken down on the side of the road I would stop and help him but I don't understand this brand thing. I have had lots of bikes, I'm 64 for goodness sakes, but I ride because of the experience not the brand. Would we all quit riding if Harley went out of business. I would hope not. What kinds of experiences have my new friends had and do you let it bother you or just chalk it up to bad manners?:bigsmiley28:

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    Takes all kinds...

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    Honestly, coming from the "other" side of the house, it is not really the same attitude most Metric owners have. Actually most respect the HD marque, they are just unaware that new technology has been infused into the product and is hidden from view to maintain the "traditional" look.

    His thinking is in the minority and probably has the same attitude for British twins of old, even though they were the basis for the inline twins and fours of today that are considered "state of the art". Consider the source and move on..."You can't "fix" stupid..." in the famous words of that comedian Ed White.
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    Seems your cousin really isnt thinking clearly , he really needs to seek professional help , maybe make him take a harley for a ride this could cure him
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    Sounds like the green eyed monster got hold on him.
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    I ride with a friend who has a Yamaha 1300 something or other. We hardly ever critique or criticize each others ride. Must come with age. We're just happy to be riding. I have found that most people that openly criticize one brand or another are usually hiding their true feelings of envy. Wishing they could have something like it but knowing at that moment, for whatever reason, they can't. So they badmouth. I just let it roll off. I'm happy with it and your opinion really is not going to alter my pleasure. So whine on....I'm going riding with this smile on my face.
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    I ride with all brands of bikes and we have a great time,i have also owned other brands of bikes all made me happy.I just knew i would own a Harley one day and i love it.
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    I have had everything from a Allstate to a Harley which I ride now. I had fun with each and every one of them. That is what it is about!
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    I have nothing agianst Honda's or Yamdas but boy someone should arrange a test ride at your local HD dealer for this guy, just may change his tune.
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    He was just upset because his didn't say HD on it! I get that once in awhile also. I don't care at all which brand someone chooses, but riders of other brands shure seem to.