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Whats Under My Chrome ?

I bought my 2000 FXDWG last June,in a roundabout way, from a Fort Worth auction with 16,000 miles on it. Like some,I am looking for more H.P..I have no history on the bike and do not know what type of modifications have been done internally if any.Besides the obvious V&H pipes and Scr. Eag. air intake(please correct me if need be)I am interested in a Stage 1 kit for the C.V. carb. I noticed the cap has been removed on the idle/air adj. screw. can anyone tell me what would one do to make sure a Stage 1 kit has or has not already been installed ?
I do not know what the stock carb. parts look like. Will there be some way for me to distinguish the kit jets and needle from stock or will there be something for me to guage or measure ? Maybe break it down, take it to the H-D dealership and hope they know what they are looking at ? It would be nice if there was some kind of data-base the H-D SHOPS could keep records of work done under V.I.N. #.
The jets and needle should be numbered and depending on the numbers you can reference the stock numbers in the shop manual in the carb section on the first page.
Thanks sounds like something I can go by . If it has had a kit of some kind put in I"m thinking (look out !) the H-D SHOP did it, the fuel line still has one of them fancy clamps on it.