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What's the worst bike,,,, you ever pushed ?

What's the worst bike,,,, you ever pushed ?
Lets put that a different way. The best bike I ever had....was the worst push:rofl
On my one day old FXRC, the vent didn't work in the gas tank and I pushed it farther than I care to admit until I got a thought and cracked the gas cap. Glad no one was there to see that fiasco.
i dont think it matters

pushing any bike (edit)
but if the bike is bad enough you just leave it there and come back to pick it up
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my 2001 fxd. After my last fill up i forgot to switch off reserve and i heard it chug out. I looked down and it was already on reserve. It was only about 75 yard, but it was up a steep hill. luckily there was a shop at the top of the hill and one of the guys saw me pushing and came to help.
I hate to say i but a HD 350 Sprint dirt bike I had years ago, and it need to be pushed a lot when it was hot the (edited) :58: thing was almost impossible to start when it was hot. And yes the dealer worked on it a bunch of times, no joy, ended up trading it for a BSA 441 one lunger...a hell of a dirt bike....... not sure why HD ever got involved with the Italians in the first place, pure junk ......
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