Whats it worth?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by big2wheeler, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. big2wheeler

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    I am going to take the tour pack, and the HD air seat off my UC and switch them out with something more low profile so I can plant my feet on the ground better. I also like how it looks, not to mention less weight. Anyway, just wondering what this stuff might be worth? All in great condition. I believe the seat is leather. Bike is an 01 Ultra Classic
  2. ultrat

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    Tour pack $400-500 seat $300 but they could go up. check ebay on these items sold. If you do not need the $ keep TP. when you sell bike put back on. Seat Id sell.
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    You can try doing a search on ebay and see what similar items are selling for to get an idea. Check completed listings on the left navigation pane as well to get a better idea of what they actually sold for:s

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    Wow..ultrat, we must have hit send at the same time with the same thoughts. Irony:p
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    Big2 let me know what you want for the seat im not sure what mine is now but it is not stock and maybe you might post some pics.I have an 02 ultra and im tall would like to have a taller seat