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whats in the tree

Ok guys you have all been a great help to me and my boat load of ?. I just got my new tank and fenders ordered and they are getting a sweet spray job on them in two weeks . im taking hobbits advise on my alum, and how to polish it when i have it tore down for the tank change . now my next ? is ... i want to stretch the front end out a lil ,not make it a full blown chopper . just a lil , i been looking for info on how to do it but i dont even know what to look for , its done by changing the trees and the rake of them , right ? or am i way off on my thinking , and its done with the neck of the frame ? im getting everything ready to make this bike mine and i just want to say thinks for the help and info , everyone on here who has gave me help has made it a hole lot better for me to do it
HOBBIT!!!!!!!! thanks man, thats just what i was looking for . and now im grounded from this sight , my wish list for my bike has jumped from 1200 bucks to over 6000 . and the wife is like oh h$ll noooo lmao. she only paid 5k for it . she dont understand lol now i got to fig out how to sneak in the rake set , guess ill have to flip burgers for a few months to save up the cash .( would you like fries with that lmao ) and they even got a fat tire kit for the sporty . man im in trouble aint I. .....thanks for the info hobbit ,talk to ya when i can log on lol gotta creep on the down low now