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    I have a 09 110" CVO RG. I have installed V&H True Duals (Not the X Pipe) installed Fullsac Baffels in the original SE muffs and installed a TFI Tuner. The tuner requires that the O2 sensors be unplugged. The bike runs fine, my questions are these.......I believe Power Commader has come out with a unit that uses the O2 sensors and adjust it's self. Does anyone have one of these installed, would it be worth the cost to replace the TFI with it? I do a lot of riding in different altitudes from sea level to 5-6,000 ft. Lots of ambient temprature variations. I never did like the idea that you couldn't use the O2 sensors with the TFI. Like I said I haven't had a problem but the bikes only got 10,000 miles on it and the starter, batt. and stuff like that are still strong. Oh and one more thing....Do you have to have Harley change the Rev Limiter or is that a feature on the PC? Thanks guys and for my money, this is the best forum I've ever visited.:dknow
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    youll get a lot of opinions on this lots will say the Tfi is fine and i found it to be till i went with Cams ..

    BUT i went to a Tmax tuner from Zippers and it uses its own O2 Sensors to adjust as you ride and its great Im getting 38-42 by myself if i control the hand and 34-40 2 up depending on what kind of riding im doing .. good mileage i think compared to what others with the tfi have said ..

    The Rev limit can be set higher by the Pc or tmax
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    I have the PC-V with AutoTune on my 96" BB 2004 Ultra running Andrews 26G cams. I also have the LCD display.

    (I had O2 bungs welded to my Bassani Power Curves so I could use a product like PC-V with AT.)

    I am pleased with the unit. After adjusting my timing to that from a custom map that was done with my PCIII USB (which is still on my bike as a backup), I get around 35 mpg in the city and up to 47 mpg on the highway. I get in the 40s 2-up on the highway too. All of this with 87 octane gas and no pinging.
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    Do yourself a big favor and use high octane gas in your bike. You think it runs good now, it will run a lot better with 92 octane. Really it's only a few cents more.