Whats a rolling chassis worth ?

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    Just a question to some other shovel owners out here. What would a 75 fxe shovel rolling chassis be worth. It is in great shape, new front tire,good rear. spoke rims and 10 inch apes.

    I recently developed a knock in the front cylinder, after having it torn down, I really don't have the tools, time or money to rebuild. Plus with recent health issues, I just want a scoot that is a little more maintenance free (LOL)

    I am thinking about parting it out and recovering some of my losses. Figure it is worth more in peices than a complete bike that does not run.

    I am actually thinking of stripping the frame down and having it blasted and powder coated, ( that is not gonna cost me a dime)That might bring the value up just a bit.

    Let me know what you think
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    I would try to sell as a complete unit first. If wanting to spend time which = money. IMO
    Most rolling chassis have a special twist to them and not stock.. How much money was going to be put towards a new bike after all the parts are sold???
    Then talk to a engine builder see about getting your engine repaired.. You maybe farther ahead.