what to get up front?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mangiacavallo, May 8, 2009.

  1. mangiacavallo

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    for all you RKC or RK owners out there ... or anyone riding a touring bike, for that matter ... what are the accessories/mods you would make up front while purchasing your bike (new)? i'm liable to be able to negotiate a better deal if i negotiate the accessories while negotiating for the bike. just want to hear what things you experienced folks have found essential or handy to have up front.
    by the way, for the time being i am not interested in new pipes -- though i know it's the first mod people tend to make. that and Stage 1, etc. i want to live with stock for a bit ... but there are things i'm contemplating like a center stand, sissy bar/pad, heated grips (though from what i can read here it seems they may not be worth it), a service manual, etc.

    just wondering ...
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    Here's what I would get on hindsight. Sissybar and pad. Tourpak with wrap around pad. All removable. More comfortable seat. I bought a pillowtop after my wife complained about her rear end comfort. Chrome fork covers. Highway pegs. Just my opinion.
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    If you're into chrome, the chromed out front end is nice.

    Also make sure that whatever mechanical additions, such as the chrome front end, you do get at the time of purchase is covered under the bikes warranty.
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    If you're going to carry a passenger, a padded backrest is a must. Most stock seats are terrible for the passenger and if your bike comes with passenger pegs, you might consider floorboards.

    For yourself, an adjustable backrest and highway pegs are indispensible for longer trips. Again, stock seat might have to be upgraded.

    Don't forget about items for yourself if you don't have them - gloves, jackets, helmet, etc.
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    Got some Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts for my '06 Ultra - Mount them low enough to stretch out and adjust so you can also put your heels on the boards and your toes on the pegs - Super comfortable ride that way - - - -
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    Negotiate a better deal..LOL, thats a funny one HAHHAAHAH.....oh, you were serious... sorry
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    Take a good look at the bike and ask yourself, what will I change in the first year I own this bike?

    Then if you're like most of us you will cut that list in half unless you are richer than Bill Gates ( I was going to say Daddy Warbucks, but I thought that except for some of the geezers most of you wouldn't have a clue who that was).

    But whatever you decide, don't worry cause once you have it you're going to think, darn, I should have got (insert part # here), this is a completely normal thing, it's happened to all of us. The part of the fun of owning a Harley is that it's an ongoing project.


    Your best bet and what I did was just negotiate for some money towards accessories. I asked for $500 towards acc. and they gave me $400 although I am sure I could have held out for the whole $500.

    That way you can ride it for a few days and see what accessories are most important to you and add as necessary, rather than guessing and regreting it later. Although I will tell you that whatever you get it will probably not be enough : )

    Ride Safe
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    My concern when adding accesories at the time I purchased my 08 FLHX was items I thought might effect my warrenty down the road.I knew I would eventualy want a stage 1, pipes, tuner and chrome front end.All of these items had the potential to give the dealer an out if they went bad.For that reason they all went on the bike before I picked it up.Now they are covered under warrenty.
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    Now that's funny!