What spacer does this fit?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by scheek, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I had new wheels put on my 1993 ultra. Actually same kind but chromed. Hired a "so called" harley mechanic to put the new bearings, seals, etc. to save me time and to make sure it was right. Dang, if the idiot left the cotter key off the rear wheel or completely forgot to put nut back on.

    For about 100 miles it felt funny but then it made a bad sound. I pulled over and trailered home.

    Removing the mess I realized that he used a 1/4" longer middle spacer than the original which was still in my old wheel. Original was 4'-5/16" long.

    I elected to put original back in because I did not know if that could have been the root of the problem.

    Bottom line is, I did not wreck and I was able to clean everything up. Put new bearing and seals in and just remounted wheel myself.

    With all of that said, anybody have a clue what the longer spacer fits?

    He either had it on hand or ordered one.