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what size are the fairing speakers?


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hey all,new to this forum,I have 06 electraglide standard,I bought an conversion kit to put in stereo in fairing,to match up with hand controls,its got to be an sony stereo,but a hell of alot cheaper than hd.Im not sure what size the fairing speakers are though.5.5,,6.5?????thanks hawkal from iowa
Ohms is the impedance of the speaker. It should be kept to the factory specs for the system for best performance.
If in doubt ask the seller to sell you matching speakers.
If stereo/speaker ohms dont match, loud volume will blow your stereo or speakers.

If you have an ohm meter , put it on the X1 scale so that it reads ohms. Short the ohm meter leads and you should read 0. If not 0 , some of the older meters have a zero adjustment. If you cant read 0 ohms after the adjustment , DONT RELY ON THAT METER.

Make sure your speaker leads are disconnected from your stereo. Place the ohm meter leads on your speaker and wait for a reading. Alligator clips are ideal, fingers are not as your skin will give a false reading.

Personally, I would get matching speakers( I like my music loud) as then there would no warrenty issues because the speaker impedance did not match stereo impedance , resuling in a blown stereo.
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While talking about speakers.............:)
Are the factory speakers that bad? Is that why, it sounds distorted when am going around 80MHP?
Would the speakers upgrade be enough or do I need an amplifier?:32:

Electra Glide Classic, just the two front speakers.