What should you pay for a bike?

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    Hi Guys,

    I have only been riding for 6 months. Took the Rider Edge course and then bought a starter bike. I paid $2500 for a used 07 VSTAR. The bike was perfect for what I wanted it for. First to get comfortable with riding. While the RE was great and what I needed after finishing it I did not feel like I was ready to drive across country. I put 600 miles on the bike riding through neighborhoods and in parking lots. After my skills were much better I have been renting bikes from the dealership to get a feel for the bikes to know what I like to ride not just what I thinks looks cool. So I have decided I want a Fat Boy. I fits the way I want to ride plus IMHO has a cool look. I do want to ad a removable backrest, windshield and bags.

    Now my question. Now that I am ready to buy what should I expect to pay for a bike. I see the dealer sticker prices, I see the HD MSRP and the two don't match. I "build a bike" on the HD site and its less expensive than a used bike at the dealership. I know the used might have after market parts and accessories but can the dealer expect to get money for that? Or is it like a house where you can put a deck and pool in but it does not increase the value of your house? I would just like some sort of base line to know what #'s I should be looking at.

    Your advice doesn't need to be model specific. How accurate is Kelly's Blue Book? I just don't want to walk out of a dealership and feel like I got taken advantage of or walk in and sound like an idiot for going to low.

    Thanks for the help and this is a great site.
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    H.D. stores are not known for making good deals. They are more than happy to add all kinds of fees to a bike (some are comical). I've always thought the Kelly and NADA books were high on prices. I have never and will never buy a new bike. I buy low mileage used and it takes time. If you "fall in love" with a particular Harley, you are at the mercy of the seller. I use Ebay "completed" listings to get an idea of prices. Winter is coming and depending on where you live, the market swings to the buyers favor.
    Welcome to the forum and GOOD Luck finding that bike.
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    i am of the same opinion as Breeze. once you know what you want LOOK, LOOK, then looks some more. as mentioned this time of year is a good time to buy especially if you don't mind going out of your way to look at one. what out for scams there are a lot out there if you cant see it and touch it...forget it.

    Welcome to the forum...enjoy it :D
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    I don't know much about buying bikes where you come from but in my part of the world october and november are good months to buy a bike as motorcycle dealers will not be busy due to the onset of winter
    i would try to buy on the last few days of the month when the salesman and sales manager may not yet have reached their sales targets for the month and they will be eager for any sale
    Be in a position to buy now so have finance already arranged etc
    Always be prepared to walk away if the deal is not going your way but leave your phone number with them so that they can call you
    ensure that you are working on an on the road price as some dealers will try and add some additional inspection charges

  5. HDDon

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    You have some very good advice from some real riders so I would listen to them. I have a question for you. Since you are going to add a windshield and bags to the Fat Boy why not get the Heritage Classic? Same motor and frame, and they come with the package your going for. JMHO, and yes I do own a Heritage.
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    good point Don, and they are a VERY nice bike (and i don't have one) a buddy got one on a good deal to turn over, until he road it. Now it's not for sale..:newsmile026:
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    Unless you are looking for new or an extended warranty, I would not buy fro a dealer. JMHO.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Might want to let us know how much money do you have to spend on the bike.?

    Don't forget about Insurance cost and a little slush fund.:53::53:

  9. kdaddy

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    I never buy new. Cars or bikes. Both are the worst investment you'll ever make. Look , look and look some more. Kelly numbers are usually a bit high.
    Craigslist and e-bay ( for sale) are your best bet for research and buying. I looked for over a year before I gave up the Fatboy and went with a touring bike. Chrome and accessories are pennies on the dollar used. If someone is expecting get it back retail or even close, sorry about their luck. Patience and research will save you lots of money. Not sure about your financial situation, however cash talks. When you see the deal of the century, get in the truck, cash in your pocket and go get it , If it's a great deal it won't last more than a week at most. There is lots of yups with low mileage Hogs in the garage and when they tire of the novelty of riding, decide they want a boat, golf cart or a new lexus, it's for sale. Best of luck.
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    Thanks for all the advice guys. I love the ebay idea to give me a yard stick to measure. My budget is 15k, its just a price I set in my head for no reason but that is what I think I should pay. I want the Fat Boy because I want to be able to take the windshield and sissy bar off as I will be riding solo most of the time. Look its a "toy" a luxury so its really just what I like and I enjoyed the ride when I rented one. I live right outside of New Orleans so winter riding is not a problem (all one week of it) .
    The best thing yall said is be patient and I will be. I saw a couple of good deals when I was looking several months ago but I didn't want to drop 10+ back then because I didn't know how much I would really enjoy riding. Up to that point I knew it always looked like something I wanted to do but didn't know how much I would want to ride. Well I can tell you I am hooked. I love it. I had a Jeep in High School and enjoyed riding the back roads with the top down and the doors off. So two yrs ago I had bike fever but didn't have the time to take the class and bought a jeep instead. I haven't taken the jeep out since I got the bike. So I might trade that in when I get a bike. BUT the jeep did come in handy during the last storm, I live in Laplace which yall all might know now if yall watched any of the TV coverage.
    Again guys thanks for the advice. Going to check ebay now : )