What Should I Get on my new Ultra Classic?

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to be heading up to my local dealer, sometime in the next 2 weeks or so, to place an order for a 2010 Ultra Classic. Just wanted to get your opinions on what I should get as "add ons".

  2. Chopper

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    Congratulations wcol37836, you must be sitting on top of the world right now.
    I'll post a accessory add on card for you below, just as food for thought, remember that anything you have installed at your dealership in the first 60 days of ownership can be put on your swr, which means the accessories are covered under the two year warranty and picked up under the ESP warranty if you purchase one. That could give you a full 8 years of total coverage of even a street legal stage 2. I'm not saying buy more then you want, or can afford, just the timing is right for getting it covered under warranty, accessories installed at a later date will only have a 90 day warranty. I should be getting a kick back from your dealership for this spiel but there is value in this program as I have seen being a warranty administrator for a dealership, I would always enjoy saying your new part is here and will be installed for you this afternoon at no charge, I hate saying I'm sorry but....

    This card is a sales propaganda tool published by Harley for there employee's, but can save you a couple of $$$ when having a service done just by saying while your in there it won't cost me any additional labor, right?
    View attachment accessory add on.pdf
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    Absolutely the first thing on your list should be the HD Factory Service manual covering your '10 UC!! Best investment you can make.

  4. Randall K. Wilson

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    Congrats...many folk would love to be walking in your moccacins right now. Ultra...the Flagship of the touring frame models imho, awesome.

    I don't have an Ultra, but it will probably be my next machine to buy. And along those lines I have posed the question to myself..."Randy, if you bought an Ultra how would you personalize it...?"

    Here is my take on this scenario. IMHO the Ultra is in some ways the most challenging machine to personalize. Perhaps I have narrow thinking...but that is just me. But seriously I would largely leave it stock except for this.

    Firstly, the stock pipes would have to go bye bye. The pipes would have to be replaced in order to get some sound. I would probably go with SuperTraps with fishtails. Then I would want to replace the air filter with the Scream'in Eagle replacement kit, hence to let the machine breathe better and also it does give a little more power and it looks better also. I'm nearly certain in doing these two changes you will have to do some sort of "downloading" to the computer of your machine.

    In addition I'd add the HD larger luggage rack for top of the tourpack. Then since it is a touring machine, I would have to add the HD communiication devices so that you can talk to your passenger and your passenger can hear your tunes. With this you should be able to talk on your CB to other folks if they are on Ultras via CB Radio.

    So in essence...lookwise the Pipes and tourpack rack are really going to be the most noticed add on Items.

    Nutshell, it's your machine...hence suit yourself, but the above is what I'd most likely do. In the bigger picture of add ons..what I would do is very modest compared to what a person can do.
  5. Big Rol

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    Stage 1, its gonna happen someday
  6. y2kflhr

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    I have done minimal upgrades to my 09, luggage rack, found a set of used hog tunes speakers, lower shocks (i'm short), the best thing I put on was the pushbutton opener for the gas cover, the key deal is annoying.....


    GARVIN Active Member

    All the power upgrades are fine if you feel you need more pulling power -
    me - it was adjustable back rest , large trunk carrier w/ brake light , wing lights for side bags. all lights are brake & tail. for the wife it was the foot board lamps.
  8. Chopper

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    GARVIN you hit the nail right on the head, Ultra's are all about comfort and the safer you are with every extra light you can wire up behind you, the more comfortable you'll be riding.
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    Congrats on the new ride. Whatever you deiced you can't go wrong as it's yours!

    For comfort it was a Tall Boy seat, adjustable back rest, highway pegs and ISO grips.

    Now that I have had it for a few years it's time for it to "breathe".
  10. Wayne R

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    Im a fan of chrome so I would be looking at new chrome shifting pegs and floorboards, cant tell what area your from but if it gets cold by you heated grips are always nice !!