What should I buy?

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  1. USAPL09

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    Looking for some advice. The last kid is leaving the house... it's time to buy my first Harley! It's been about 20 years since I have been on a bike. I'm ready! Plan is to use it for short trips (not much more than 100 miles) and back and forth to work... Looking at the 09 sportster 1200xlc. I know the wife will want to ride along sometimes. The question is will this be a good starter bike? (I'll add a backrest for my bride) or will I regret not getting something bigger out of the gate?:worthy
  2. TQuentin1

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    Probably. I would suggest looking at the bigger bikes especially the touring bikes. For the short rides you are talking about, you probably do not need all the space that the Ultras have for hauling things. The Road Kings and their brethren will provide great stability and comfort.

    Suggest hitting the Dealerships during demo days and wheelin' around a bit on a few different models to see how they feel. When you're down to two or three, rent them each for a different weekend - then decide.

  3. Steve Di.

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    I chose the Heritage Softail Classic and am happy with the choice. Most of my riding is solo, but is comfortable enough for my wife to ride with me on short trips.
  4. maine-e-axe

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    I'd go with a big bike, FXD models aren't much more money and I think you would be happier than with the sporty. FXD's have a lower seat and more 2 up opions for 2 up seats and extras. P.S. sporty's a girls bike. (that will get some of them going):s:s
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    Go to a dealership and ride. With Harley's new program they are running everyday is a demo day. Get on one and ride, see what you like.
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    Your bride will enjoy riding on the back of a Sporty for approximately 5 minutes, even with an upgraded seat. Yes, you can do it but a Sporty just wasn't meant to be ridden with 2 folks on board.

    Get to a dealer and ride something from each family - Dyna, Softtail, Touring, V Rod. The separate models within a family are virtually identical in ride characteristics. Then do some serious research and thinking about what kind of riding you'll do most of the time. Narrow your choices down to 2 or, at most, 3 bikes and then take really extended demo rides if they'll let you (several hours) or rent them for a day. Most dealers will apply this rental charge against the price of the bike if you buy it.

    Then you get the fun decision of whether you want to buy new or used - dozens of threads covering that when you've got a few hours to kill!

    Good luck and enjoy your search. Please let us know what you decide on!
  7. ugocon

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    My personal experience might help...

    I wanted my first Harley.
    I bought a Sporty because scared of the size of bigger models... er... no... just because they were cheaper! :reyes
    I didn't want to listen to the dealer's hint: buy a big one now, or you'll regret it! :newsmile055:

    4 months later I was back in the shop trading the XL1200R for a Dyna Street Bob! :hummer: I can't forget the grin on the dealer's face! :devil

    ... but I'm happy now!!! :D

    Get a TwinCam if possible!

    If you don't want to spend too much I suggest a Super Glide Custom: you'll save few thousand bucks vs. a Touring, adding just a windshield, a couple of saddlebags and a sissy bar....

    ... but you'll feel the right sensation! :p

    Anyway, I add myself to the general suggestion: go to the dealer, watch all the models "live" and try to have a ride on some of them, then choose wisely!

  8. walleye

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    I would definetely get a touring frame for two up rather than a softail. I speak from experience. I loved my Softail but in no way does it compare to the touring models for two up. It was a Deluxe, the same frame as a Heritage. :s
  9. 9FLHR

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    Here is my .02 worth; was in almost the same spot you are in. Kids gone, I retired, now it's our turn! Had not ridden in 23 years. Started looking around, settled on my '09 Road King in September last year. Have not regretted my choice at all. Changed out the stock seat to a Sundowner (wider passenger pillion, and just a tad lower for me). Can put on the tour pack, or we have a passenger back rest and small rack. Like several have suggested, load up the mother of your children, and head to the HD dealer and take advantage of the ride offer! :OHIO
  10. SportyHawg

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    If you are looking at the Sporty -- (I love my 2007/1200) -- you could do the buy a 2009 sporty for a year and trade it in on a larger bike next year. They will give you what you put in to it for the next bike. Might be worth it to ease back in to the riding scene. PLUS, if you buy a new bike, the government will give you a break on your taxes next go-round.