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    Have a 98 Superglide...has SE II mufflers...just installed Harley Stage One breather kit that came with the paper filter...with kit installed #180 main and#45 pilot...on test ride yesterday I am experiencing alot of coughing and more popping on decel...mainly at around town lower to maybe low mid range rpm...I am assuming this is a lean condition...did the 4th gear at 70+ and back off the throttle test...seems to be even decel...thinking about putting a #46 pilot...did not play with the needle thinking this would effect the entire rpm range..have different needles that came with various kits...am I on the right track...at about 3500 ft elevation...Thnx
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    Understanding CV Carbs - Harley Davidson Community sounds like a solid plan try shimming the needle

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    I would try a 185 before i'd do anything else..

    The Cough is probably just Not enough fuel.. Does it Cough when twisting the throttle or at a cruise speed???
    describe that a little better and ????

    I also would Leave Carb on the bike to do the work.. Easier than Pulling OFF each time you need to do a jet ..

    Have you removed the lead cover that HIDS the Idle adjustment screw? If not NOW would be a good time to do so.. 1.5 to 2.5 turnout MAX Then if Not idling RIGHT in that area of Screw,,,, Then you need to change out the IDLE Jet..NOT before. I think it is enough now but the adjustment will tell you IF ?
    bigger or smaller Jet is needed

    I replaced My 4 phillips headed float bowl screws with 5/8 allen headed and NOT for torquing down tighter BUT easy removal of the bowl, While Carb is On the Bike.. Careful about putting the accelerator pump pusher back IN correctly. I have left it dangling in mid air before loosing the rubber and the arm..
    Get back with the cough and answers will come..

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    Seems to be low rpm at a constant throttle.....plug has been removed but have not adjusted...wanted to ride before changing more...yip carb on is the way to go...ran out of time yesterday and thought i would seek input before round 2