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what kind of pipes


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I have an 05 ultra classic s.e. At present has pc111 and vance and hines slip ons. Little too loud for the wife. Anyone know what would be quieter or more mellow without having to maybe remap it. Thanks for any info.:dknow:dknow:dknow
Pretty much any muffler that would make it quieter would require a remap of some kind because you are changing the flow of the system. The SE pipes from the dealer for that bike are only slightly louder than stock but as said above may require a bit of retuning.
mine are screaming eagles and LOUD!!bike was tuned to em and I have some glorious rides now.:bigsmiley25:
You might want to check the Vance and Hines web site. They have a "quiet baffle for many of their pipes. If you go with a different muffler and want to sell yours I'm in the market. Gil
Is there any web site that you can listen to S.E. pipes with the replaceable end caps. I thinking of using them on my 04 Ultra.
If you check on you, you'll probably find sound clips of the different mufflers.

Hard to gauge on video with sound coming from a computer speaker.
I would say go to a biker ride or other gathering and listen to pipes in person. Some pipes have baffles you can add or remove to "tune" the sound. Can't remember what brand.
I agree there, but just for openers :s

Right on.
I could spend all day sipping coffee and watching and listening to HD's come and go from the HD dealer.
Someone should catch on and franchise a coffee stand outside at all HD dealers.

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I have Rush slip ons with 1.5" baffles. Very mellow at cruise but still sounds like a Harley, and they bark when you get on it. You could try it without remapping, and even if it needs to be remapped it would be a fairly straightforward procedure...