What kind of bike is this-New pics of frame!

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  1. frankenstienbike

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    hey guys, i asked the question about what kind of bike i had...i know its a custom wide glide type frame but i dont know if it is a production aftermarket frame of not. it resembles the classic santee wide glide frame but there are some differences.
    I got the bike all torn down so i could clean it up and go through the engine tranny and pretty much build it as new again. on top of that the frame seriously needs powder coated black.
    so, here are some pics of the frame, let me know your thoughts

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  2. Chopper

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    Can't tell just by looking at it, but on Paughco frames I have used they stamp a small emblem of sort somewhere on the frame, I would think most manufactures would. I'm sure you have looked for anything on the frame, but if it's a light stamp could it be hidden under primer? good luck in your search
  3. TQuentin1

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    On the right side tube up near the neck, there is a rectangular bit. Anything stamped in that (like a VIN)?

  4. frankenstienbike

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    yes there is a vin stamped on it, it is a indiana MVIN because its a custom frame. so running the vin number does nothing, it just comes back as a 2003 custom Motorcycle.

    To answer the other question, i havent seen any other stamps on the frame or other markings. they could be covered up by paint, i am going to have it blasted soon and it might reveal some but as it stands so far there are none