what jets for 1985 fxstc ?? opinions please.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ron1978, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. ron1978

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    my dad says he's bike has a non cv carb on it, it has a hyper charger on it ,
    running a autolite 4265 plug, what jets would you recommend he use? the motor floods easily and fouls plugs regularly, i don't know much about a non cv carb, if any can help it will be apreciated
  2. Buster

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    Different locations around the country will dictate jet sizes. Generally speaking, depending on any other engine work done to the motor, cam, exhaust, etc., he probably should be running around a 45 or a 48 slow speed. Sometimes its a guessing game unless you have the good fortune of having a dyno available. Jets for the most part are pretty cheap which allows you to buy a few different sizes, replace and test drive and see which set gives you the best performance.
  3. ultrat

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    Non constant volicity like the older bendix carb in early 70s. main jet start at 165 go up from there. Or just pick up on ebay or swap meet a CV carb they were better carbs u will need a slip fit manifold yours probibly bolts to carb good improvement