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what is the limit of the electrical load?



What is the limit of the electrical load on an '04 Sporty? I have some stuff wired up, but am considering adding a 2 wheel tunes stereo amplifier. This unit is 50 watts X 2. I can't find any information on when I have reached the point of too much load on the electrical system. Does anybody know? And does anybody have any other suggestions about adding music to the ride?

Probably nobody knows for sure or they would have answered, They can take a few addons. You said you already have some, and want to add more, I say try it, put a voltmeter across the battery and check to see if it is still charging with all the **** on, if it is, then you are golden. I've never had a reason or thought to check and see if the regulator or stator state somewhere what they put out for a max. or not. I'm sure somewhere in the books God and Willie G wrote it. They usually cover everything but Redheads somewhere in the books, spec. sheets. etc.

Its in the service manual, thats where I found it when I wanted to know. 6 mos ago I knew off the top of my head, but its lost in the cob webs now.